Things I Love: Fresh Produce

Nothing beats fresh produce from the garden. I am so pleased with my crop this year – it’s now September and I’m still pulling goodies out of the garden! I’ve been able to feed my family produce from the garden all summer including fruit and vegetables like lettuce, kale, cucumber, green beans, carrots, asparagus, tomatoes, potatoes, dill, basil, parsley, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and more!

It’s so satisfying growing your own food and providing for your family that way. I still buy some produce from the grocery store that I can’t grow myself like bananas, peppers and avocados, but my grocery bill has gone way down! I’ve been canning and pickling lots of items too so we can enjoy them in the winter once my garden is covered in snow. 😉

Next year I’d like to try building a green house with my hubby so I can get started on some seeds early like for tomatoes. My store bought tomato plants didn’t produce very big tomatoes this year but we had some weird cold spurts so I’m wondering if that’s the issue. If I had a nice greenhouse I could start my tomatoes from seeds and get those started earlier in the year. Though in Calgary we get chinooks which can mean sudden snow in June so I always worry about things like that ruining my crop!

One of my neighbors is Italian and knows so much about gardening so I always ask him for advice. He swears by his greenhouse and he even offered me some of his tomato seeds which produced the biggest most juicy tomatoes this year! I’m excited to grow my garden year after year and try new veggies. I’ve always wanted to get chickens to lay eggs but that would really drive the hubby nuts! Maybe in a few years. 🙂