Things I love: Gardening

It’s that time of year again! When the sunshine comes out to play and the ground has finally thawed, it’s time to take out my box of gardening tools and seeds and get to work on making mother nature flourish outside my window!

So, I am one of the super lucky ones in my neighbourhood to have a pretty decent garden to work with. I have 3 raised beds with an irrigation systems which makes it super easy and convenient to keep things watered. I’ve even set it up to water my garden automatically the same time every day – namely once at 7pm and again at midnight!

Anyway, I had to start things off by weeding my raised beds. They had become a bit unruly over the fall and winter. After a couple hours work of that, I started tilling the soil with one of my tools. Before long, the ground was nice and fluffy again. And that’s when it’s time for the seeds!

I am a huge fan of salads, especially since I started my paleo diet. So, I planted an entire raised bed full of lettuce, with some calendula flowers here and there for colour. You may not know this but calendula is this lovely orange flower with edible petals that is awesome in salad! It is apparently super good for you and also for your skin.

Anyway, everything was planted in seed form so it will take a few months before I see anything substantial happening. But as the salad starts to grow I will “thin” the rows out by harvesting every second salad. Doing that will give some great baby salad leaves to enjoy in my salads over the next few weeks while also giving the salads that stay in the ground more room to keep growing. Total win-win for all involved!

I planted my second raised bed full of tomato plants. I bought these from the store in plant form and planted them in the bed – given that the growing season isn’t super long, this made more sense than starting them afresh from seeds. That way I will hopefully have a few pails of tomatoes come September!

I filled my last raised bed up with a variety of wild flower seeds. I love wild flowers, and I love decorating my home with them – so this raised bid will keep me stocked with lovely flowers throughout the summer. There is nothing like a splash of colour to brighten your home!

So there you have it, that was my day in the garden! I’m excited to keep you all updated on my garden as it grows. Stay tuned! 🙂