Things I Love: Natural Cleaning Products

When my son first started crawling, he opened the cupboard under the sink and pulled out a bottle of nasty chemical all purpose cleaner. Luckily I caught it right away before there could have been an emergency, but ever since that day I vowed to remove all chemical cleaners from my house to keep my son and family safe.

At first it was challenging because there weren’t many non-toxic cleaning products on the market that did as good of a job as the chemical ones. Over the years, some companies have found the secret and now my go to natural cleaning brand is Method. I find all of their products work very well (especially for cleaning the tub and toilet, a couple of the worst offenders!) and they also have great scents – think lemon and lavender.

The best part is that I don’t have to worry about my son around these products and to boot they’re good for the environment. A nice bonus is that the packaging is pleasing to the eye, so if you leave your hand or dish soap on the counter, you won’t be embarrassed by it. The hand soap adds a nice splash of color to our ensuite bathroom actually!

If you are looking for non-toxic cleaning products that actually work, I highly recommend checking out Method. In Canada you can find it in most stores, but I usually look for sales at Shoppers Drug Mart or London Drugs.