Things I love: Stovetop Popcorn

One of my favorite treats to make for my family is stovetop popcorn. We used to have it all the time as a kid, but somewhere along the line I stopped making it and got used to the microwave kind. In a pinch it will do, but nothing compares to real popcorn made on the stove! The best part is that it’s so easy and you probably already have everything you need on hand.

A big pot, oil, popcorn kernels, and your choice of toppings – I like butter and salt.

Pretty easy right?

For a long time I could never remember how to to make it because I made it so infrequently but now I have it down pact:

Put a big pot on the stove over medium heat (I do mine at 6 on our stovetop). Add a couple tablespoons of oil (I use coconut). Add 4 popcorn kernels and close the lid. Wait for kernels to pop then remove them. Now the oil is hot enough to add more kernels! I usually do 1/2 cup which is enough for 3-4 people. Add 1/2 cup of kernels to the hot oil and replace lid. Remove pot from stovetop and shake pot back and forward to coat all kernels in oil for 30 seconds. Put back on the stove at same temperate as before (6). Let kernels pop and shake pot occasionally so nothing burns. Once the kernels stop popping it’s time to remove the pot and turn off the heat. Empty pot into bowls et voila! Add your favorite topping and you’re done!

Isn’t that easy! It may sounds like a lot of steps but once you do it a couple times you’ll see how easy and intuitive it is. Try this out the next time you’re craving a nighttime snack!

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