Things I Love: Sunshine

I thought I would take a break from the usual type of “Things I Love” posts to talk about something so basic I often take it for granted. It’s the sun! And it’s beautiful warming rays on our skin and earth. I feel so blessed in the summer when it’s warm and sunny outside. Everything feels better after a little sunshine! Here is Canada we have such long cold winters and even though it’s often sunny in the winter, it’s still really cold. I’m so thankful for year round sun but especially in the summer when it’s warm and lovely outside and I never want the season to end! Is anyone else as sun obsessed as I am? Sometimes I wonder if I was meant to live in a sun soaked city like LA or Palm Springs. Now I’m not sure I could handle that sort of heat, but my oh my, what a treat it would be to be sitting by the pool in December! For now I will just have to plan holidays there. Tell me readers, how do you feel about sunshine and where do you recommend I explore for the ultimate sun soaked retreat?!